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George Arnare catches songs floating on a Zephyr sometimes, just like a child catches a butterfly in a net.  He uses the Appallachian Dulcimer (think Joni Mitchell), Baritone Ukulele (think Patrick Wolf), an old upright piano (that used to belong to Max Sharam) and acoustic guitars to make the songs audible. Sometimes the songs want to be A’ Capella, which is fine, because George used to sing with acclaimed A’ Capella Gospel Choir The Cafe of the Gates of Salvation, so it’s not an unusual request, but a warm and friendly one.

Seeking to contribute to a kinder, more connected world, George is hands-on with every single aspect of his craft, from writing to recording, producing, art design, self managing and the rest. He comes from a musical family where his father, uncle and grandparents were songwriters and musicians on the Greek island of Limnos in the mid 1900’s. George was born in Sydney and began hearing melodies as a young child. He didn’t let his then music teacher discourage him from writing, he just now kept it hidden away. Even then he knew that his sensitivity to music was precious, so he kept his songs private for many years in a suitcase under his bed. Later, through the positive inspiration and encouragement of the great yogi Paramahansa Yogananda he burst through the silence with his debut album Soul Volition in 2014 using some of Australia’s finest musicians and included strings, horns and a gospel choir. It was a big, bold move and made him a couple of famous fans in Boy George, Toni Childs and Australia’s own legend Lindy Morrison of The Go-Betweens. 

In 2015 he followed up with an EP called A Dulcet Christmas of 5 original songs which he played every instrument on. The spirit of the child within had directed him to try to capture that quality. These songs are earmarked for choral arrangements in the future.

Eutierria (meaning connection to nature) is the new album and this time around the music and message is calmer both in arrangements and vocal reach. His relaxed baritone vocal range is explored rather than the tenor gymnastics of previous works (though they are still there in the backing vocals if you listen!) Instrumentation was limited this time to guitars (Dave Longo), bass (Leon Gaer), drums (Gordon Rytmiester) and some folk instruments such as the Appalachian Dulcimer, Baritone Ukulele, Harmonium, Melodica & Glockenspiel of which George himself played.

The album takes on a magical, mystical, wonder inspiring journey from mornings’ dawn with the fresh bird song filled title track ‘Eutierria’ ending past midnight on a Summer’s day with the expansive and cosmic sounding ‘Vow’, where the realization that only pure love is worth our time and energy. There is no striving on this album, only the celebration and joy of the merging of oneself with the natural world with our own soul nature. 

Debut single O’ Zephyr spent a month at No1 for the audience vote on PulseFM 89.9 with a total of 7 weeks in the top 3. Your Eyes shot to No 1 the first week being released and is currently still sitting pretty at the top. 2024 will see the official release of the album to streaming services with more music videos to come including an epic one which features his pet scorpion Flynn.

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