I am enjoying your album.  – Boy George via Twitter

I truly think this material is world class and dare I say it… commercial! I hear Lenny Kravitz song structure with a dash of Rufus Wainwright vocals and a mild funk Jamiroquai.
— Gary Seegar at Centrifuge Publishing (Australia)

George Arnare’s “Soul Volition” is conscious, passionate pop with soul infusions, taking the listener on a sojourn through time. With a voice which can easily slip in and out of falsetto at leisure and with lyrical adventures conjuring all sorts of visuals, this is a soulful offering from a gifted artist. ‘Undying’ is especially remarkable”
— Carla Werner (USA/Australia)

It’s not just good it’s SENSATIONAL! We’re both finding that the songs keep going through our heads! We love it.
— Jo & Tim (Australia)

You have such an incredible voice.
— Sundari (India)

It was as though my heart, body and soul were being inflated and revived with your angelic and spiritual vocal energy.
— Anne (France)

Congratulations to you and may your wonderful songs spread far and near.
— Justin (USA)

Your talent is like a rare diamond.
— Maria (UK)

OK. WOOOOOOOOW. I LOOOOOOOVEEEE YOUR CDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!! It is Sooo goood. And I am sooooo impressed. VERY uplifting. Thank you for sharing your beautiful soul with us. I am so inspired by you! Wow!
— Thierry (USA)

Makes me feel that I am not alone. I play it when i feel down and by the end of the album I’m ready to take on the world again. Thank you, so uplifting!.
— Martin (Germany)